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Two more tips for vacation slideshows

Divide and conquer For multi-day, and especially multi-destination trips, making multiple small shows works well. Even if it’s just family, it’s hard for people to stay interested in a slide show of more than 10 minutes, maybe 20 at most. … Continue reading

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Is perception reality? …really?

I mentioned in the prior post how John Medina’s Brain Rules helped me get my brain in the right frame of mind to connect with It’s all invented in the Zanders’ book. It’s not exactly the point that the Zanders’ … Continue reading

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The human brain absolutely amazes me. Assemble a few pounds of fleshy “stuff” with billions of neurons, trillions of connections and we get–me. Vary that a little and we get you, or anyone else.  Many things about that just amaze … Continue reading

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