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Two more tips for vacation slideshows

Divide and conquer For multi-day, and especially multi-destination trips, making multiple small shows works well. Even if it’s just family, it’s hard for people to stay interested in a slide show of more than 10 minutes, maybe 20 at most. … Continue reading

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Four tips for better vacation slide shows

Think about the slide show as you shoot For what I’ve done lately, I don’t have this option—the ones I’ve been using are often decades old. But fortunately, as we traveled I often did think ahead to the slide show, … Continue reading

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Vacation pictures and digital slideshows.

As I’ve related here, last summer I launched into a huge project scanning four decades of our family pictures. That story was the subject of a series of posts all  about getting the scans done. Lately I’ve been working through … Continue reading

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Why I’m not using the online scanning services.

This post is a continuation of the series I started a few months ago recounting my adventures, frustrations and successes while digitizing my pictures at home. I mentioned that I’d investigated places online that do this a service and that … Continue reading

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Slide scanning update-getting better results

A couple posts back I compared 35mm slide scans made with my Nikon Coolscan film scanner and my Canon 9000F flat bed scanner. I mentioned that my normal workflow was 3000ppi scans on the Canon and I concluded that the … Continue reading

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Book review: The VueScan Bible

The VueScan Bible: Everything You Need to Know for Perfect Scanning Sascha Steinhoff, Rocky Nook publishing, (c) 2011 Since I’ve recommended the VueScan software, I thought I’d also mention this book. Bottom line While it advertises itself as “…the missing … Continue reading

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Canon 9000F vs. Nikon Coolscan V ED

This is a follow-up to the post where I reported extensively on my experience scanning slides with the Canon scanner and Vuescan software. As I indicated that I would, I got the Nikon film scanner off the self and scanned … Continue reading

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A few more tips and ‘lessons learned’ for scanning

The post adds a few more ‘lessons learned’ about scanning our family pictures and stuff. Going through all these things has proved tedious but rewarding.  The weeks of every-spare-moment invested contained a lot of “oh, wow” moments as seeing the … Continue reading

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Some Lessons Learned for Film Scans

I’m going to put off the post with old photo examples. I’ve completed going through all the prints. I’ve now also done about 900 film scans, mostly 35mm Kodachrome slides, with some Ektachrome as well. Some were stored in boxes, … Continue reading

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A tale of scanners, pictures and software (oh my!). Lessons learned.

Part 4. Project notes and ‘lessons learned’ At this point I’ve completed the first part of this project. I’ve gone through all the pictures in our family albums and all those I inherited via my Mom and Dad. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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