Index of image scanning posts.

I’ve done a series of posts all concerning scanners and scanning images. I compared scanners, 3rd party software for doing scans and did a lot of comparisons for techniques to get the best scans.

Here’s a list of all the scans in a logical sequence for easy reference.

A tale of scanners, pictures and software (oh my!)

Part 1: we need and acquire a new scanner
Part 2: software.
Part 3: Calibration
Part 4. Project notes and ‘lessons learned’

Film scanning series

Some Lessons Learned for Film Scans
Canon 9000F vs. Nikon Coolscan V ED
Slide scanning update-getting better results
Why I’m not using an online slide scanning service

Notes on scanning non-photo items

A few more tips and ‘lessons learned’ for scanning

A related post

Book review: The VueScan Bible


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