Hi and welcome! I’m Dick Knisely.

I’m a systems engineer by trade having come to that via a first career as a communications officer with the Air Force. After that my second career has been working for several companies as a project technical lead, project and program manager mostly on projects doing software development related to communications and security. The last few years I’ve been working in an R&D shop helping with a variety of projects all related to, you guessed it, communications and software.

Since I was a kid, I’ve had a fascination with science, and especially, astronomy.  Not surprisingly, I’ve read a ton of science fiction and I followed the space program with intense interest and equally intense disappointment as the US abandoned it’s manned space program. For most of my life I’ve also been an avid player of games–nearly anything, but with a special interest in strategy games first in paper form and later on the computer. I’ve also been a enthusiastic, though pretty amateur, photographer over the years.

The even bigger parts of my life are my family, especially my wife, kids and now 3 1/2 grandkids–and it sure doesn’t feel like I should be old enough for that grandkids stuff!

All of that and more is likely to appear here. This blog is about whatever I care about, think about and wonder about. I’d love to have you join me for this little adventure !

Notice: I assert copyright on all material published on this blog and all rights are reserved within the WordPress Creative Commons license framework. Unless otherwise marked all material is mine–including the mistakes, errors and especially stuff you disagree with!  😉


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