Laws of Computing

The laws of computing: an occasional series of witty (?) thoughts.

Photo of an old mainframe computerLUBARSKY’S LAW OF CYBERNETIC ENTOMOLOGY
There’s always one more bug.



Picture of modern laptopTROUTMAN’S POSTULATES

  1. Profanity is the one language understood by all programmers.
  2. Not until a program has been in production for six months will the most harmful error be discovered.
  3. Interchangeable hardware isn’t.
  4. If a test installation functions perfectly, all subsequent systems will malfunction.

About Dick Knisely

Science-guy, engineer, father, grandfather, husband -- yeah, I'm all of those things. I author this blog to share things I care about and you might care about, too. I hope you do and that you'll join in to share things you care about.
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