Founding Faith by Steven Waldman

A couple of weeks ago I ran across a post on Scott Berkun’s blog which gave a favorable and interesting review of this book. This is a terrific, thoughtful and compact book about some American history that does not show up in our schools.

The topic is fascinating and controversial: what did the founders of this (US) nation actually believe when it came to religion? It’s an important segment of the larger issue of the role that religion played in colonizing the Americas and the nations that would emerge in these lands. The more I have read, the more I realize how complicated the topic is, but also how important it is–largely because it’s one that is dealt with in a simplistic, distorted fashion in our history and our current day reporting.

I greatly enjoyed this book. It is very readable and extraordinarily well documented. I’ve read a fair amount about both these people and their times, but I learned a huge amount of new stuff and gained a valuable perspective on the rest.

Highly recommended–check out the links above for more info.


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