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One of the universe’s mysteries

I’ve always liked the simple but profound thought in this quote: The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility. Albert Einstein I don’t find it surprising that we don’t understand everything about this universe we inhabit.  No, instead, I … Continue reading

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Television: “Closer to Truth”

PBS has a well-deserved reputation for interesting but often intellectual TV. For me, that’s not a bad thing at all, indeed, I love a lot of it’s programming and I want to call attention to one the programs there, Closer … Continue reading

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Review: “Orbiting the Giant Hairball”

Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Viking Press, © 1996 Gordon MacKenzie Here’s a little gem of a book that I missed and you probably did, too. It’s an unlikely book for me because it’s not a topic I go looking for … Continue reading

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Do you have experience with “Six thinking hats” ?

A couple of weeks ago I ran across a reference to this discussion-brainstorming-problem solving technique in Ken Robinson’s book on creativity. I didn’t know anything about it and did some research then ended up buying de Bono’s book which I’m … Continue reading

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What I’ve read and am reading

My backlog of interesting books to read is getting disturbingly long. Great stuff is getting published a lot faster than I can make time to read it–but in the long run I guess that’s a good thing. Anyway here’s what’s … Continue reading

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An introduction to the “Thinking about thinking” blog

Over the next couple weeks this blog will start developing again, this time around the theme of “Thinking about thinking“. The general notion is to consider an eclectic set of ideas–things I’ve run across online or in some my readings … Continue reading

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